Wednesday, October 14, 2009

And The Universe Gets A "WTF?!"

Why, why, why, when you don't really want to see someone the most, do they always pop up?

I believe this falls under Murphy's Law, and he's an ass, and I want to sue him for indecent exposure, of myself, because after almost 12 hours on campus, I sure as hell don't look pretty, and who, who WHO just so happens to also be in this library that just got very hot and claustrophobic?



It goes back to the 50/50 rule I have-- you will either see them, or you won't, so plan accordingly. I forgot how easy I had it when Perfect was away and at a different school so I didn't have to look cute every day on the insanely off chance I would just happen to run into him. This sucks. Do you know how hard it is to look cute when it's 40 degrees out and dropping rapidly? Oh, yeah-- my winter coat is dead sexy. Don't layers of clothing just make you want to rip them off? And my favorite hoodie-- you better like it, because you're going to see it EVERY DAY because it's also my warmest hoodie. And I hope you don't hate Uggs, because no matter how ridiculous they look, they're the only thing that keep my feet warm. Oh yeah, winter just gets you in the mood, right?

Shoot me.

My stunning conversational coup of the day after he came over and shook my computer screen to get my attention and say hi?


High and girly. That was it. Obviously, I am a communication GENIUS. You would never guess my vocabulary is more extensive than the list of bad life decisions I have made when it's time to cut bait and actually use my mouth to speak around him. I am just always happy when things like "hhhhhhnnnnggghhhhhh..." don't come out of it instead.

...And if he comes over here one more time to get a drink from the water fountain or pick up papers he's printing and sends my into a hurried flurry to switch tabs to something banal and boring like my school email account, I am going to throw things at him.

Like my body.

But probably more likely, my cell phone or water bottle.



Excuse me. I've worked all afternoon, and it's really just time to go home and crawl into bed. But I have to go meet all my devils spawn, errr-- advisees for community conversation night. I'm gonna be here till 10:30 PM. Being a nervy and shit. It's a wonderful world.

Do you think I can make it till Friday?



  1. I have complete faith that you CAN make it till Friday. Be strong. I know how it feels. I wore the most baggy plaid shirt I own today.. but it was comfortable! But I also didn't see any men that were interested in me. Ha. Because there are none.

    EMBRACE you're hoodies and uggs. It's winter - he'll understand :)

  2. I blogged about stupid Maverick. I think this may be a blog post that is ALMOST as long as your regular ones. :)